Strategically Cropped ‘Topless Pics’ Of ‘Mimai Ong’ Are Causing A Tiny Bit Of Frustration

Strategically Cropped ‘Topless Pics’ of ‘Mimai Ong’ Are Causing A Tiny Bit of Frustration

Topless Pics & Mimai Ong; hearing those mentioned together is music to any man’s ears. But unfortunately, the Topless Pics from the gallery were cropped. But do not fret as they were, as I would say, strategically cropped, giving us a bit of task in the imagination department to finish the job recreating the cropped part of the photos, a.k.a. the nipples. Check out the whole gallery from Lur Magazine below.

Bonus photo below, which has a blurred view of her pee-pee.


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