Pornstar Nong Nat

Ex-Pornstar Nong Nat Is Planning A Comeback

To my fellow Filipinos, she might look awfully familiar & you might feel a twitch in your happy spot while asking yourself “I think I’ve seen her before“. Well, you’re not mistaken, you, I, have seen her before. Almost 10 years ago, there’s this news of a Sex Scandal Video of a local celebrity that spread like wildfire in the Philippines allegedly involving Angel Locsin—who was one of the hottest and the most coveted Filipina actress at that time. But to our dismay, the woman in the video is not Angel Locsin but in fact is a Thai Pornstar named Nong Nat a.k.a Natt Chanapa a.k.a Kesarin Chaichalermpol.
So a quick summary, after appearing in some Adult films in Thailand she got prosecuted, primarily because pornography is illegal in Buddhist Thailand. Then she quits the Adult Industry and became a devout Buddhist after that then she met and married an old American millionaire, Harold Nesland in 2012.

Quite a loves story, but… Fast forward to 2017, the 31-year-old Nong Natt has now divorced the old guy—Citing the lack of sex as the main reason, well you threw sex away after you married an old guy. And now she is planning an awesome comeback to the Adult Industry after an unsuccessful stint at marriage. She has to make it up for all of those sex she missed.

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