Ignoring The Drama, Ann Mateo Is One Hot Woman

Ignoring The Drama, Ann Mateo Is One Hot Woman

As some of us know there’s this not-so-relevant news that went viral on Philippine social media a few days ago, it involves suing, again not-so-relevant, and it will be totally irrelevant if a certain Ann Mateo wasn’t involved, so thank you Ann.

Thanks to that said news I discovered again how hot Ann Mateo is. Where were you on those days that I’ve forgotten about you, Ann?

So let’s ignore all the shit stuff surrounding her and let us all appreciate how hot Ann is.

Some cleavage, and major side-boob action below.

A photo posted by Ann B. Mateo (@annbmateo) on

A photo posted by Ann B. Mateo (@annbmateo) on

Awesome side-cleavage.

A photo posted by Ann B. Mateo (@annbmateo) on

Gallery of Ann Mateo Photos from FHM

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    2. It is sad to know there are 23 million idiots in the US. I can’t blame all of them. The welfare wedding was on EVERY network and news channel that painful morning. The media shoved it down the throats of Americans. It is simply another example of the media creating, rather than reporting, relevant news. Seriously, good luck to the newlyweds, but why should it be such an event? The royals represent an Empire that is loooooong gone. They have no power. They are simply a drain on those saps that pay taxes in Great Britain.

    3. Merci pour le partage et pour le travail de traduction qui plus que correct (à peine quelques fautes de français, de frappe sans doute). Les astuces sont géniales.J’apprécie la franchise de ce photographe (et de son assistant de frère – on ne devrait pas oublier ce travailleur dans l’ombre).Et bien sûr les photos sont magnifiques.Pourquoi pas d’autres vidéos comme cela (puisque c’était ta question en fin d’article, j’y réponds), mais cela représente un budget tout de même, rien que pour la traduction.

    4. "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither" Benjamin Franklin"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." – Thomas Jefferson"Liberty NEVER came from government. The history of Liberty is a history of resistance. The history of Liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, NOT the increase of it." Woodrow Wilson (only US President ever to have earned a doctoral degree; prior to the White House he had presided Princeton University)

    5. Please see "The Crimes Of Jonathan Lippman" websitewww.judgejonathanlippman.blogspot.comThe opening page was submitted t the Washington DC FBI field office as an official complaint. Receivd an answer last night: "Contact the New York Office"What a bunch of fucking waste of taxpayer money!

    6. Isnt it great to see a women of integrity, who understands the issues, is well informed, educated and can clearly respond to the challengers which face a modern democracy, who hold no radical or fundamentalist ideals, who does not cling to “faith” as the only argument, its the “openness with the media I admire the most” her generosity, her ability […]

    7. Totalmente de acuerdo, siempre es mejor saber la realidad, para saber a que atenerse uno.Pero también es difícil decir a veces que no, por distintas circunstancias… a mi me costaba un mundo decir que no, pero poco a poco, y porque hay situaciones en las que hay que decir que no aunque uno no quiere… me he ido soltando, y ahora me salen mucho más naturales… y que agusto me quedo!!! :-)Besos!!!

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    9. Je n’ai pas compris en quoi consistait l’originalité du magasin. Une forme de Métro pour particuliers, c’est ça ?Quant aux services prépayés, on nous explique qu’on les règle en caisses. C’est donc l’équivalent d’un achat sur internet, c’est à dire que lieu de la transaction n’est pas le même que celui où est rendu le service. J’ai du passer à côté.

    10. Wow, this was a great read! I’ve never really looked at it from that point of view before. And I have to admit, I’m a snacky mom. Maybe it’s time for a little change around my home. I mean, if the government can make a change, anything’s possible, right? Thanks for posting. I’m gonna pass it on to some friends.

    11. As a Paramedic I can tell you that this is pre-gangrenous, and that can be fatal. No joking here, no comments on the camerawork (well, okay, the lighting COULD’ve been better) this is a deadly serious thing at this very advanced stage! And the empty headed boyfriend (or whatever he is to her) should have called for an ambulance here. This is a worthwhile call for a medic, and many’s the time that I had tyhem like this. THIS is a TRUE EMERGENCY.

    12. I could never do the 'sleep when baby sleeps' thing either. It jused to drive me mad when people kept telling me to, i want some of my own time too.you sound like you are doing just great. Don't worry about what people tell you to, do what feels right.

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    18. The creepy thing about Obamacare is that few of us will experience how bad it is until ten years on. It is amazing to so see the brazenness of Congress these days ordering leaders of private business up to Washington DC to explain themselves, being threatened with further government intervention and oversight. These guys like Waxman seem to have little notion that they are not placed there to rule private industry or private citizens. The arrogant Cheesehead.

    19. Un tracteur est d’abord utile : Protection contre la pluie, chauffage/clim, ordi de bord + gps, ce qui va intéressé un agriculteur : c’est sa polyvalence, son standard de connection d’outils, qu’il soit beau , s’il est tout seul au milieu de son champs cela lui une belle jambe… design… En plus la couleur, après un labour, elle change un peu…mais bon on peut rêver sur un bel objet …!

    20. esta historia es genial, bueno ya la leí en Deuz cuando la subiste, pero creo que no hice ningún comentario por falta de tiempo… en todo caso me encanta!!! solo tengo una duda… son los cuatro jinetes mencionados en la biblia? verdad que si? Es muy hábil, es la primera vez que alguien menciona algún personaje bíblico y menos del apocalípsis que es tan complicado de entender… Exitos y cuídate mucho…

    21. Where do you go to learn to draw like this? That Calvin Coolidge is priceless. Although the style is not particularly similar, the energy reminds me of a guy named William Dempster, who (presumably among other things) illustrated several volumes in the Educator Classics Library in the late 60’s. The best was Paul Bunyan–when I was a kid, this was my first introduction to Paul Bunyan, and I still think of him as this scratchily illustrated thing. A confident, inky quill line will always remind me of the Great Saginaw. Sigh.

    22. Going to off you for spoiling Breaking Bad. I wait for it to come out on DVD dick nose.However, great fill in for Brandon. Maybe Daniel Bryan will snap on Big Show for crying like a puss cake last night. No mention of the 5th cryptic video?? Which is obviously for the return of D-Lo Brown *head shake* *wave around European Title*.Shinebox out!

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    24. Oh my god! I think you will make an awesome sailor moon! Can’t wait to see pics!Unfortunately, here in Belgium we don’t really have the Halloween tradition (or a lot of people that know Sailor Moon), so there are not too many occasions to dress up. Have fun!I’m glad to hear you’re jazzed up again, but remember to keep taking time for yourself.Kelly

    25. sweetonda / I know he was just here for the Constitution Fair, but could David pleeeezzee come back for his Christmas Tour? I know he would sell out the venue now that more people have heard him there. Besides, his last Christmas Tour was my most favorite. Please come back to AZ.

    26. Well I get it and every time I sit in front of a plate of food I look to see the clouds and the rain and the sun and the farmer who raised it and the truck driver who took it to the market, etc. and give thanks to all. You are the best Davey. Sounds like you’ve been reading Thich Nhat Hanh. Good stuff.

    27. por favor venid a Granada pronto. sois nuestra inspiracion cada día, aunque este comentario se pierda, quiero que sepais que os admiro muchisimo, os sigo y llevo conmigo todos los dias, sois mi inspiración y me emociono solo de pensar en volver a escuchar vuestras canciones. gracias por ser así. ojala podamos conocernos algun dia.

    28. Marrant le « qui va GARDER Kevin? », message subliminal de la part de Martin? les gens prendraient-ils l’école pour une garderie? nooooon ça se saurait…Sinon je rajouterais que en plus des journées d’école les plus longues, la France a aussi le plus grand nombre d’heures d’école par an…tout est dit.

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    30. Marco N,DeMatteis a Lei sembra di spirito buono ed umile?Bah, a me pare posseduto ciecamente dalla sua verità che difende con intransigente ferocia.La gente che accendeva i roghi nell’intento di sostenere la propria verità e poi se ne andava a dormire tranquilla doveva essere assai simile al nostro Cosimo.Meno male che la civiltà moderna gli ha tolto i fiammiferi dalle mani, dico io.

    31. Too many personal computer users and even small businesses overlook the importance of having a solid encryption plan for their technology. There’s a reason everyone needs someone to serve as their IT expert — even if it’s just to protect their family’s internal network/privacy.

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    33. Yes, but…I have a visceral reaction to anything having to do with readability tests. Early on, as an editor at Scholastic, we had to "level" all the articles that went into our magazines. As you say, it was a puzzle or game, but one that I think often removed the writer's style and individuality. Good writers write with a rhythm that's difficult to maintain when you're chopping up sentences and simplifying words to adhere to a formula. It may well be that I developed my own intuitive understanding of how to write for kids by learning about leveling early on, but that doesn't make me appreciate the process or the result.

    34. Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

    35. I've been busily working on my bobble blanket too! I found the video you linked to really helpful. I've only just started crocheting, and this was a fairly simple pattern to get the hang of. I think it's trickier to get the bobble shape right if you crochet more loosely. You need to keep your stitches really tight, I've found.

    36. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

    37. Oh boo hoo hoo put a sock in it WELCOME TO THE CLUB PAL. I read the first paragraph and just shake my head. HELLO !! Canada is a sovereign country THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE VISA RESTRICTIONS ON ANYONE THEY PLEASE. ST LUCIANS ARE NOT A SPECIAL BREED yu’ll are not exactly from MAYBERRY HILL, yu’ll misbehave just like everybody else. Knock,knock, Hee Haww Duh ! W-I-L-L Y-O-U B-E S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E I-F G.R.E.A.T B.R.I.T.A.I.N D.I.D T.H.E S.A.M.E. ?? I’m predicting they will. GET OVER IT !! They are not saying yu’ll are not welcome, they are just saying join the line like everybody else. Everything is political.

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    40. ¡¡¡Oléee mi “primilla” roja!!!, me ha encantado. Que como dices de tu bisabuelo y mi abuelo fue INJUSTAMENTE TORTURADO POR SER ROJO y querer lo mejor para los campesinos y obreros de la comarca.Da gusto ver que algunos jóvenes están despertando del estado de IDIOTEZ DE ESTA “DICTATOCRACIA” de partidos elegidos cada 4 años, al servicio de los BANCOS Y LOS MALNACIDOS QUE LOS SUSTENTAN (políticos de turno).A ver si en VEZ DE DARLE 100.000 MILLONES A LA BANCA SE LOS DA EL ESTADO A: LOS PARADOS, DESAHUCIADOS, EDUCACIÓN, SANIDAD,….seguro que este país mejoraría mucho.Un beso.

    41. I’ve learned that I have to go with the flow. Depending on the day I might be really hungry or I might only eat twice. Overall though, I’m not one for big meals and instead eat usually ~5 small meals a day. I don’t really have a standard breakfast lunch and dinner, and instead have random meals spaced ~3 hours apart ranging from a banana, to a salad and soup, or popcorn(for breakfast!).

    42. Do you ever do anything different with the slug or make the page title tag different than the article title (with an SEO plugin)? I have played with this a little. Just want to know if this helps much. For example, using stems or synonyms in the html title or removing stop words from the page slug?

    43. {Aahaa|Heehaa|Yess|Yoman|Yo Boy|Hi Guy|Hi man|Hii Guy|Hi Flog|Hey|Howdy|Hi there|Heya|Hey there|Hi|Hello}…I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of tex…

    44. Visto oggi .un bel videogioco , poca anima , poteva essere interpretato dalle Spice Girl , visto che è tempo di reunion . un'occasione sprecata , si poteva fare di piùfrase da incorniciare di Scott Glenn : ( ci ricordiamo di lui , spero) " mai firmare un assegno con la bocca se non si è sicuri di poterlo onorare anche con il culo " Beppe

    45. Your wedding was awesome! And beautiful!! You looked stunning too!!I don’t know how we’re gonna pull ours off lol. Mark wants to use your photog’s too, but I just don’t think flying them to NY or FL(?!?) is gonna work out in the budget…I’m excited you’re blogging about this!!

    46. Canadian shows are 22 minutes to the half hour. I simply thought that American TV shows would be the same length. The DVD version typically includes deleted scenes so is longer than the broadcast version.Do I have it wrong?Oh, I used to teach Friends at a Seoul Hagwon and used VCR tape recordings of AFKN or recordings from friends in North America. We were told that Dong-A TV knew we were using recordings so no copyright violations were occurring.

    47. Es una buena alternativa, pero sigue siendo un método arcaico que sólo favorece en muy pocos ámbitos, quizás éste puede ser una vía de solución para obtener artilugios o prendas de segunda o tercera necesidad, pero sigue sin poder ser el vehículo económico de un país. No obstante, reitero que es una excelente iniciativa, pero insuficiente a gran escala.

    48. Pumpkin carving kits are the devil. At least in my experience. See, I forget from year to year that they’re going to be horrible and then see a new one and think, “The answer to all of my pumpkin carving problems, at last!” Then I’m reminded of why I don’t use them. Stupid little cruddy plastic tools… The wood tools worked SO much better!

    49. While CNN is certainly less biased than Fox or MSNBC, it has devolved into mostly entertainment- knew the 4th estate was dead in America, when we invaded Iraq & all CNN did was go excitedly on & on about “shock & awe”. Any one who knew diddly squat about the history & geopolitics of Iraq knew we we’re waltzing into a quagmire – but the media remained silent , reveling in how easily they could fill all that air space & pull in the ratings.

    50. Thanks a Bunch .. Pai… It gives me immense satisfaction in seeing someone giving me such honest & constructive feedback .. Although i designed many levels for this one, each level had a different mechanics, hence couldn't implement a general framework .. This was a quick one.. Done in between other projects .. You've forced me to release the next build , which i'm glad to work on… Sure i'll change that captcha thing .. I too hate that..

    51. Hello, VS,I have washed up on your shores to request the favour of a spot on your blogroll. I’m sure both my readers will cause a slight ripple when they visit your blog from my link, especially since I intend to highlight tas’ comment about posting pix of nekkid people.Gratefully, tpc

    52. to me. “I am voting for that Barack fellow, you know why?” “Why?” I asked him. “Because then I won’t have to hear you rip the white man anymore, and you will quit ‘busting my chops’ about white privilege.” Hey, one makes about just as much sense as the other…NOT!

    53. Andrea scrive:Tantissima gente dice che l’inglese e’ semplice ma non lo e’ cosi’ tanto.. Io vivo in uk da qualche mese ed ho solo tanta confusione in testa… Spero di migliorare nel tempo.. Comunque la parte piu’ complicata e’ la pronuncia. Quando ti parlano non capisci nulla e l’agitazione ti fa scordare anche il poco che sai.

    54. Visse mennesker tåler ikke andres lykke, hev deg over dem. Du har en superbra blogg og jeg elsker å lese den! Du er en flott mamma, med flotte barn og mann. Du har et flott hus og liv. Stå på!! Digger deg:) Varm klem fra NORWAY:)

    55. la TVR 1, in emisiunea “Intre bine si rau”, moderata de Liviu Mihaiu, au fost invitati 3 persoane de marca: Horia Sima (vezi interviurile de pe Hot News, presedintele Unilever Romania si Neagu Djuvara, care au discutat pe tema “De ce pleaca romanii in strainatate?”. Emisiune interesanta, daca nu ati urmarit-o poate apare zilele acestea in arhiva de inregistrari.

    56. io,ho una stretta al cuore,invece…son nel pieno della fase:chi disprezza,compra(da parte del mio capo) e tutto questo mi fa male ma è necessario che lo EVITI. e lui sa bene perchè…non può avere entrambe le cose,non è un bambino capriccioso..giusto,RICCARDO:la solitudine,è felicità ,per noi2. almeno,nessuno ci rompe!!

    57. really interesting the cycle everything goes. We were making clothes this way two centuries ago, we went trough the industrial revolution, mass production, mass marketing, technology improvements to satisfy our needs and bring down the cost of products. Once we attained that, we climb a step in Maslow’s pyramid and want something unique, added value… and we go back to the old days.

    58. Márcio Silva de Lira disse:Olá. Sou membro do Conselho do IFAM. Vi esse reclame agora. Aparentemente a Reitoria do IFAM não se pronunciou. Alguém saberia dizer como fazer contato com a pessoa que enviou essa carta? Marcos Santos? Boa noite.RESPOSTA:Oi Márcio, vou tentar um contato com a pessoa, mas, como acho que ela lê o blog, pode entrar em contato direto com você, pelo e-mail . Volto a fazer contato. Obrigado.

    59. //இந்தியாவின் வல்லரசுக் கனவுக் கோட்டையின் தெற்கு மதிலைப் பாதுகாக்க இந்தியாவால் அமர்தà001000¯à®¤à®ªà¯à®ªà®Ÿà¯à®Ÿ சிங்கள ‘வாட்ச்மேனி’டமிருந்து வேறு எதை எதிர்பார்க்க முடியும்?//இதையே சிங்களன் உல்டாவாக சொல்லிகொண்டு திரிவது உங்களுக்கு தெரியுமா? எனக்கென்னவோ அவன் தான் உண்மையை சொல்றானோன்னு தெரியுது…!!!

    60. I have to be honest, I haven't done any on-line ordering of prints. I don't tend to print that much (I taught the in-laws to look at photos on-line, and for those few I do want to print I have like an array of print devices, from 4×6 to 13×19 available.) However, I used to LOVE making note cards, so I may have to take a look.Thanks for the info Sarah!~EdT.

    61. Awesome race, Anton, with two record-breaking times! Honest, I was on the edge of my seat watching those checkpoint stats, Twitter, etc.It's interesting reading the runners' reports as they are being posted, because the silence was deafening between checkpoints on race day. You just had no idea what was going on during those stretches. Now it's all getting filled in.

    62. jednak polowanie w Norfolk, a takie okreÅ›lenie padÅ‚o – to już nie tylko marynarka, lecz pewien wyglÄ…d Rozpatrywanie pojedynczych elementów, bez caÅ‚oÅ›ci nie ma sensu.A caÅ‚ość wg mnie jest niezÅ‚a, chociaż doÅ‚ożyÅ‚bym trochÄ™ koloru i innÄ…, trochÄ™ miÄ™sistszÄ… koszulÄ™ na wÅ‚asny użytek.

    63. This motto can certainly be considered one of the more classical an individual. Completely different everyday people could get several which means from this straightforward, very clear and oral motto from various views. This is very much the same with what Shakespeare explained: you can get a thousand Hamlets in the thousand people’s eyes.

    64. “I’m having a hard time getting over the misleading and inadequate attention that the MSM is placing on the daily struggle for freedom that has been going on in the occupied Palestinian territories for decades now. ”“inadequate” how about non existant.Rachel Maddow, Richard Engel celebrating and endlessly covering Libyan rebels carrying weapons in the streets, using them, killing their alleged oppressors…but when it comes to covering peaceful Palestinian protest…TOTAL SILENCE. Just a bit of hypocrisy

    65. ReignfireSimone sempre foi a regularidade em pessoa! Nem excelente, nem medíocre.Mas uma coisa é certa: vendia! Inclusivamente em bastantes meses nestes novos 52 a sua Batgirl vendeu mais que os títulos do Batman "itself".Por isso não se compreende, pelo menos estando de fora, e sobretudo da maneira que foi…:\\

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    87. By , May 31, 2009 at 12:55 amAh! I loved reading that! I can only hope I have a daughter as tough and as calm as yours. She handled that girls out-of-control behavior pretty well. You can tell she has a good head on her shoulders! I can tell you’re a proud mommy! :blogyj:

    88. XxBabieBambiexXokay, we get it. its gay and you don’t like it and its stupid blah blah. but if its so horrible, why do you waste your time watching it and posting comments? this video was ment to be funny and its just them having fun. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean you have to tell the world.

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    95. I really like the visual cacophony of #3…guess I’m not all about the fives today after all, although #5 is a close second for me. It looks like an idealized, mechanized beetle. Each piece is this series is highly evocative. Wonderful work by Mr. Tripp, and I’m sure the stories they’ve been paired with are equally delightful.

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    109. The maxi is beautiful….what a gorgeous combination of colours! I must say your arms look SUPER toned too (unlike my white bingo wings!) As usual I am really drawn to the style of the second outfit. I love the fit of that frock on you, teamed with boots, tights & cardi. I would happily wear that all year round! Xx

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    113. JSpencer DQ led with a Galbraith quote, and Rick's commentary brings another one to mind:“Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.”In otherwords, Rick (and those who think along similar lines) still don't seem to get it.

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    121. me 2 years later) 😉 I was visiting friends in Budapest from US 2 weeks ago and I just fell in love. What a beautiful country! I noticed the sour cream+flour technique a while back when learning to cook Hungarian dishes. I’ll try your recipe as soon as I get some mushrooms from a store. Thanks!

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    124. lol at one stage my room was so packed i almost couldnt live in it anymore couldnt close my door lol step inside trip in my front bar stack next to my sideskirts have to move my rims to change my undies hobble over the kit and move my stock seats over to get a new shirt HAHAHA!

    125. – So true, Kelsey. Since I committed to move away, I’ve been savoring those little moments with friends more than ever. I’m struck with overwhelming gratitude in between the laughs. It’s the way to be. Also, those photos of the celery and watercress stopped me dead in my tracks. Stunning.

    126. Hi Brydie, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, it is wonderful to hear from you!What an amazing story of God’s grace on your life. It can be hard when we look back and see how things could have been different if we had heeded God sooner–and yet He has a way of using even those failures and mistakes to bring testimony and glory to Him, as well as shaping our character and ability to influence others. I pray that you will continue to grow in grace and in the gifts He has placed in your life.

    127. Just now reading this Kim. Wishing Mr Savvy well. My kids' dad has had back surgery a couple of times. The first time when we were still married. He was in his early 30's. It just seems once you have a back problem it is there to stay. Hoping Mr S is 100% after his surgery!One of the things J can no longer have is a MRI. Can't do that with a pacemaker. Didn't know it until he had it implanted.

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    132. I just listened to the episode and it was another good one. I was frustrated with the Broyles conversation. It was pretty clear in the episode that Etta taught Broyles how to block his thoughts from the observer. Peter asked him how long it took and he said about a year.

    133. 9 titres du GC ? A eux deux tu veux dire ? Murray finira à 5 grand maximum, et plus probablement 4. Ce qui sera formidable en tout état de cause. Il faut se rappeler qu’à 29 ans, Connors n’en avait que 5. Qu’à 28 ans Agassi n’en avait que 4.Je l’ai déjà écrit récemment, mais Murray a grillé ses cartouches sur 3 des 5 ou 6 années qui constituent le top de la carrière d’un champion, soit grosso modo de 22 ans à 26/27 ans.Il peut tout à fait nous faire un doublé lors d’une des 2 prochaines années (OA-USO ou OA-Wimby), mais 2 années de suite ça me paraît très improbable.1f40

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    142. [..YouTube..] Thank you Katee for continuing to do “Ask Katee”. I love all of your work, but especially your BSG work. I’m still amazed at how the apparently random “cute athletic girl” running around Battlestar Galactica rapidly became the most important character of the entire series. To everyone’s delight, you became more compelling in your portrayal of Kara, all the way to the bitter, messy end. I really hope to see you become more successful continually. Oh, and I always watch out for motorcyclists!

    143. 1B Because it flows off the tongue easier as a book title. If you go with 2 it will be hyphenated by peeps when they talk about it. Maybe they will call it “Would I Like the Church” for short. That’s not terrible, but why not have a title that works all the time? As for sounding good for outsiders, as mentioned above, that is great motivation, but maybe if you want to sound good for them and keep it punchy you might try something easier like, “Loving Jesus AND the Church”. Of course, then peeps will shorten it and just call it “Loving Jesus” LOL

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    150. chox- thanks and u and rest at ST r our inspirationapu- am waiting for anush to finish the numerous books we lareayd have at homebefore i take memebership at hoos or just booksLavs- u stay the other end of tonwi called u twice lats month as i was pasisng thru ur area u recollect!!btw- it is almost a year since Aditi was born!!

    151. “#134 so if you have an Accura sitting in your drive way, that means you do cannot have money problems. Ah Donald, so young, so silly, but you will learn my child.”Yeah, you are right and I am wrong. People who cannot afford their mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure are all running out to buy brand new luxury cars. Get a life!

    152. you didn’t support Clinton. Here you quote LJ saying, “The Obama folks want to try and prevent us from nominating Hillary at the convention and voting for her at the convention. We need to STOP this.” Are you (or LJ) a Democrat, and if not what business is this of yours? “We need to make sure that people are aware of this procedure.” Won’t we see what happens? Or is someone trying to keep the convention from being televised and on the internet?This is shallow?

    153. Si el Señor que escribe este blog NO habla inglés como lengua materna le enseñará el idioma con acento y con errores. Pero es su gusto. Respecto a la televisión… me parece que está exagerando y quiere tener al pobre niño como en una caja de cristal.Á ver cuando sea adolescente cómo se comporta.

    154. O my!!! I felt you were reading my thoughts. Your feelings are my identical twin. I’m not much of a writer so please please believe me when I say…Thank you for sharing what I have been going through..Its great to know I’m not alone. This journey or should I say “this awakening” began for me May 3, 2012 five months ago. I’m still trying to shake the righteous anger as I actively, aggressively, strategically move forward with faith in my Heavenly Father in healing my Noah. If only I could reach out and hug you!Rach

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    156. I’m glad you said that, Elaine, because it’s also my experience that Arabs are very generous and happy to give to help another human being. Keeping that spirit of giving in institutional giving is much harder. That’s why most Palestinians, I think, are stuck in a “charity” mentality and are suspicious of organized institutional philanthropy. How can we keep the spirit and yet make it more systematic and sustainable?

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    159. Naturally a lot of people are upset. Public grievance = government identification of culpability = search for lambs to slaughter = lambs slaughtered = public satisfied. This is not unique to Italy! Then Public grievance = it is not fair to slaughter the lambs = government brings the lambs back from the dead = public satisfied. Most of this I think is just Italian style knee jerking Tosca hysteria. All will end ok I am sure. However, I would be interested to know it the air traffic controllers are out of prison? Aquila has a reputation for putting employees into prison! So that is a bit banana I agree.

    160. We went from Bucarest to Bran castle and whilst a little too touristy I do agree the castle is rather nice and the area on the way to the casle is also very beautiful. Not too mention, whilst its no dracula castle there is some great history to be learnt from the ruling of the castle inhabitants. We also had one of those where-the-fuck-are-we-and-where-do-we-go?! moments which nearly landed us in an unmarked van! got to be careful with these things. 

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    162. OOOH, Munaiba, I LOVE the Japanese one!!! Beautiful. Is the batting hard to hand quilt thru? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a batt woven like that before. Isn’t it so much fun finding a new quilt shop and poking in the corners to see what they carry that nobody else does? My favorite place to head for is the notions wall. Each shop just always has different things!

    163. A very good (and wise) friend of mine suggested that every day (for 21 days), I write three things I am grateful for AND WHY I an grateful for them! Oh, and you can’t repeat any of them twice! It’s amazing how after only a few days, you are already “looking for ” things to be grateful for

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    167. I can definitely relate to this. I’m playing Borderlands right now, and I don’t even really like Lilith’s ability (the phasewalking thing). But I went straight to her and picked her anyway, out of the 4. (Same breakdown of the 4 playable characters: two white guys, black guy, woman.)P.S. Although you don’t see yourself much, you can add Portal to the (short) list of default female characters.

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    170. Sodapop Hoy en día los padres somos excesivamente permisivos, creemos que dar libertad a los hijos es dejarles hacer todo lo que desean, que los colegios y los educadores se encargarán de enseñarles lo que nosotros no hemos sido capaces de inculcarles.De ahí drogas, malos tratos en las aulas, amenazas a los profesores…Gracias por el enlace y saludos de una persona mayor que tuvo “unos padres malos”

    171. mende yg tak politik…jgn dipolitikkan…pas tu korang main2 kaum ni, tak payah la…biar la kaum dorang nak terbalik ker.. nak minum ker, aku dok umah area majoriti dorang so far okay jer…takde masalh…kalau dorang gadoh…lu dok jauh je…tak yah nak jadi KEYBOARD WARRIOR

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    177. Sounds like quite an adventure! You’re bringing me back…in college my 2 best girlfriends and I did a spring break trip to Iceland for exactly the same budget reason…we stayed in a guest room with a tiny kitchenette, and actually the only thing I remember eating on the whole 5-day trip was milk chocolate and tea, probably because they grocery stores were too unfamiliar and at 20 yrs old we definitely did not have your improv skills!

    178. Bonjour Marie-France,As-tu bien ton profil créé avec Spyder4 dans « Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Color » ?Si oui, ce profil est-il bien celui par défaut dans « Panneau de configuration/Apparence et personalisation/Affichage/Propriétés de ton écran/Gestion des couleurs/Périphériques » ?

    179. Sono abbastanza d’accordo con Luisa: si scrive tanto ma si scrive male… Personalmente evito i neologismi e la morfologia da sms anche perchè spesso è causa di incomprensioni e malintesi.Prof. trovo molto interessante la nuova veste grafica del blog… complimenti anche per l’abbonameto a Wired rivista che leggo spesso anche se mi sono appena abbonato a “L’Uomo di Vogue”!!

    180. Jenže to odmítání pověr je (často) ne na základě toho, že ten křesťan té pověře nevěří..on věří, že funguje, ale má ji zakázánu podle fundamentalistického ( ) výkladu Bible

    181. Markus:Jag tycker inte att han har kommit igÃ¥ng riktigt, men han har haft lite skador och kanske inte heller har hunnit ställa om till det europeiska spelet. Jag hoppas fortfarande att han kommer igÃ¥ng i mitten av november – början av december som nordamerikaner i Europa ofta kan göra.

    182. – Made something very similar just a few minutes ago: cranberry-whole orange-apple & pecan chutney. Sweetened with a touch of sugar only. It’s something my grandma makes everything Thanksgiving, and now that I’m no longer able to celebrate with family due to distance, I’ve taken a variation as my own. Love your photos and the story!Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,*Heather*November 24, 2010 – 9:25 am

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  119. Certainly, to regard the KJV simply as (fictional) literature is to do it (and Christianity) a disservice. But if Gove's proposal did succeed in getting people to see it a) as beautiful and b) as (historically) culturally important, that might be a good thing. Fundamentally, this is a debate about how God becomes manifest in the world. If, as traditionally thought, that is in part through beauty, discovering that the KJV is beautiful as well as a major historical contribution to Anglophone culture needn't be a bad thing.

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